Red Corner VS. Black Corner Boxing Fight Set – Gloves and Headgear

This fight set includes everything needed for a boxing match. Each set includes a pair of lace-up style boxing gloves and lace-up headgear in both red and black. We offer this set in child, youth or adult size. Please be sure you are purchasing the correct size.1 Pair of Red Boxing Gloves | 1 Pair of Black Boxing Gloves | 1 Red Headgear | 1 Black Headgear
Gloves & Headgear are both Lace-Up Style | Great Quality Real Vinyl Leather | Not meant for professional matches | Great for practice sparring
Child Set Includes: Small Headgear and 4-8oz Boxing Gloves. Recommended for Children under 80lbs.
Youth Set Includes: Medium Headgear and 10-12oz Boxing Gloves. Recommended for Youths 80-125lbs.
Adult Set Includes: Large/XL Headgear and 14-16oz Boxing Gloves. Recommended for Adults 125-180lbs.

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