One Sided Trumpeter Swan Fight in Plymouth Township, Michigan

This is not a nesting pond. Heard reports that this Trumpeter attacked some Canadian Geese the day before in pond.

A total of 4 Trumpeters were in the pond. A 13 month old Trumpeter flew away when the aggressive Trumpeter started to attack just one of the Trumpeters. That Trumpeter did not fight back, it just tried to escape. I ended up intervening and the aggressive Trumpeter flew away a few minutes later.

The 2 Trumpeters that were left each had an injury on the top of their beaks. I suspect the injuries were caused by a previous fight? I do not think the 2 were a mated pair. The other Trumpeter did nothing during the fight.

UPDATE 7/27/14
I believe the aggressive Trumpeter was the cob from a nesting site which is 1 mile away. This cob uses this pond with its mate and young. I believe it was protecting it.

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