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WHAT IS IT? This is an Exercise Machine that simulates a fight with a real opponent or private session with a boxing coach at any place convenient for you. HOW DOES IT WORK? It is that you hit the ball, it flies from you in either direction or straight depending on which point of the ball you just hit, and then flies back. You need to react immediately to the object flying back to you and again to hit the ball. The stronger you hit the faster the simulator flies back to you. IS THIS ONLY FOR PROFESSIONALS? It will be useful to everyone. To beginners and people who just want to lead a more active lifestyle. This Exercise Machine is perfect for office workers who spend a lot of time in work chairs. HOW OFTEN TO USE? Only 10-15 minutes 3-4 times a week and this will be enough to keep you in shape. WHAT ARE THE ADVANTAGES? In addition to basic fighting qualities such as reaction, accuracy, coordination and sense of distance, the Exercise Machine also develops such skills as: – full coordination of the shoulder girdle- visual estimation in accordance with the movements of the hands, sportsman’s body bends and target oscillation- accurate reaction of the arms and body in the dynamics when the target moves (the ball)- gymnastics of the eye muscles, neck muscles and arms in the proposed system of spontaneous coordinates- fast sportsman’s reaction to the target’s movements- improvement of general coordination in the space and body endurance, skills of operational orientation. HOW COME I NEVER KNEW ABOUT IT BEFORE? This Exercise Machine has been used quite successfully for a long time and is used by instructors in martial arts, but it gained special popularity in the society when the Best Boxer of 2016, according to the “HBO Sports” version, Vasyl Lomachenko, demonstrated the usefulness of a fight ball.HOW TO LEARN MORE ABOUT THE FIGHT BALL? You can watch an interesting video about it “Fight Ball Modern Shadow Boxing”.KEEP FIT!• Favorite simulator for “fighting with a shadow” of such famous champions as Roy Jones Jr. and Vasyl Lomachenko
• Excellent alternative to the gym, strengthens all muscle groups
• Beneficial to health, improves reaction time, accuracy and punch speed
• Take it with you! Its compact size makes it easily transportable
• Of course, it’s a great gift!

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