Fight Ball Reflex, Quick Puncher Boxing Speed Ball Great for Training Gym Equipment Super for both Training and Fitness


Package included:

1 Pair Gloves.



1*elastic rope.

18 months warranty: Yes, You heart right! Unconditionally refund or resent with any quality problems, life time friendly customer service. ONLY offered by Supore store.

Training Method:

1.Hit the ball form the left?lower?inclined side first and then switch to the other side .Keep it going and repeat.

if you feel too difficult ,please wear the gloves to hit it.

2.When you are familiar with the inclined side ,you can try the parallel side to hit the ball gradually.


1.Wear the headband on your head properly.

2.Cut the elastic string and make sure the length equal to your arm length.

3.Tie up the string length.

Want to strengthen your boxing skills??

Want to improve your coordination, focus and speed?

Want to stay in shape, or stay fat?

Here what you need -?Boxing Reflex Ball!

Even if you are going on a trip, this reflex fight balls is a perfect companion. It is light weight and portable. It can be put in your pocket or backpack. Exercise is not only for boxers. You also need to keep fit and improve your health. This boxing reflex ball is a perfect replacement for a gym. And as you know health is wealth. Improve your health today so you can be fit to do what you know how to do best. Join the thousands of our satisfied and healthy customers who exercise regularly with fight ball reflex. ADD TO CART NOW!!

[SUITABLE FOR EVERYONE]: Man or woman, teenager or child. it doesn’t matter! Everyone can use Boxing reflex ball either for training purposes or for a fun game that will build your hand-eye coordination and it will nicely compliment, boxing or kickboxing training!
[IMPROVE REACTION SKILLS]: It is time to improve your skills with this boxing fight ball reflex, this is a great way to improve your fight reflexes for better aim in your bouts! Strengthen your hand to eye coordination, focus, speed, accuracy, timing, cardio.
[LIGHTWEIGHT AND PORTABLE]: Easy to carry and can be used in different occasions, you can take this boxing reflex ball with you anywhere. Fashionable new training equipment can be used for many sports training, such as boxing,striking,free combat, etc.
[NOTE]: New learner should slow down hitting speed to avoid the ball rebounding to your face when hitting. When you are training, attention should be focused. once the rebound have the trend to your face, grab the rope can change the direction of the boxing reflex ball.
[Function]: Boxing reflex ball 360-degree comprehensive three-dimensional polar hit training, design more caring, hit more accurate.

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