Fidget Spinner Toy by Trisons Fidgets- Hand Spinner, Table Top design, Relieves Stress, Anxiety, ADHD, and Boredom. Ultra Durable Titanium Metal with hybrid ball bearings- Spins Up to 5 minutes!


FEATURES: Trisons Fridgets is a fidget spinner made with very durable titanium. Color: Silver Dimensions: 7cm X 3cm X 1.5cm- this size makes our spinner ideal for spinning with just one hand or two! With having removable center buttons our spinner allows for easy removal of the bearing for cleaning! Our hybrid ceramic/stainless steel bearing are optimal for fast, quiet, and smooth spinning! INCLUDED IN PURCHASE– Trisons Fidgets spinner, keychain attachment with clip, polyester carrying bag with draw strings, and a cushioned carrying tin with our very own Trisons Fidgets logo!1-5 MINUTE SPINS- Containing ceramic/stainless steel hybrid ball bearings it allows fast, quiet, and smooth spinning!
TABLE TOP SPINNING- not only can our spinner be used in your hand it can also seamlessly spin on any flat surface! Having this added feature gives you more spinning options and entertainment!
THREE UNIQUE STORAGE OPTIONS – our spinner comes with a handy KEYCHAIN ATTACHMENT and clip for easy hooking and unhooking, a polyester BAG with draw strings, and lastly a cushioned storage TIN CONTAINER with our Trisons Fidgets logo! Having these three different options makes this product unique by giving multiple different options for carrying and storing your spinner.
EXCELLENT FOR- endless hours of fun for people of all ages, reducing boredom, anxiety, ADHD, ADD, and stress, filling fidgeting hands, and passing time!
BEWARE OF OTHER SELLERS SELLING ON THIS POST: Because this is a custom product just for our company we are unable to insure and confirm that the other products are the exact same and share the same quality standards as our spinner! Thank you 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE- we want this spinner to be an excellent purchase and give you and others hours of entertainment! Please let us know if an issue arises so we can help you in anyway possible!

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