Boxing Fight Ball Reflex by Nvizibl, Fight Ball With Headband For Boxing, MMA, Mixed Martial Arts and Combat Sports Best Boxer Reflex Training Reaction Ball And Speed Training


The Nvizibl Fight Ball

•Improves speed and reaction time

•Increase punch accuracy

•Develop quick head movement to evade attacks

•Convenient in size (Fits in the palm of your hands)

•Suitable For Everyone

•Train anywhere and anytime


•1 Headband with carabiner

•1 Boxing Ball

•1 Bungee CordIMPROVE SPEED AND REACTION TIME~ Our Nvizibl Fight Ball is designed to improve your punching speed, coordination, and reaction time. The accuracy you build by using the Nvizibl Fight ball can directly increase your speed and timing and create a real combat experience. Also, it can be used to create perfect head movement for slipping and rolling when dodging against attacks.
FITS IN THE PALM OF YOUR HAND~ We all know the hardship of lugging around a big bag of training gear to the gym. That is why we made sure this training tool can be small enough to fit in the palm of your hand and easy to carry anywhere you go. Because our Nvizibl Fight Ball is very convenient in size, it is easy to train anywhere at any time.
SUITABLE FOR EVERYONE AND EVERY STYLE~ The Nvizibl Fight Ball is a great training partner for all ages with different levels from beginner to expert, as well as different martial arts backgrounds. This training tool is for anyone looking to better themselves as well as their style and technique.
HIGH QUALITY MATERIAL~ We have created a one size fits all adjustable headband with a carabiner that won’t hit you in the face or leave marks on your forehead. We produced a natural rubber + polyester ball standing at a diameter of 64 mm perfectly designed to strengthen your punching capability. And we have also provided a durable 2X bungee cord with a length of 800mm. Long enough to replace the cord 3-4 times if you decide to increase or decrease the skill level.
GREAT FOR A GIFTING~ True happiness is when you feel like your growing. The greatest gift you can give someone is a tool that will help them sculpt their lives into something better. It’s a gift that says, I care about your health and your growth. Buy one for you and a friend and challenge one another to be better than the people you were yesterday.

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