3 Most Common Mistakes in a Street Fight

There are three common mistakes that if you do in a street fight, the odds are you will be wounded. Subscribe to my channel : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UChnr4aWjYlhvPwWLF0ITQhA.

Knowing about these mistakes can literally save your life. Surprisingly, they are not physical mistakes, they are mental mistakes which makes them even worse since street fights are about seconds, and you have only seconds to react before your opponent attacks you. You have no time to over think the situation, only to react.

The first common mistake in a street fight is forgetting about your awareness. If you are face to face with your attacker, you should not just focus mainly on him. You need to be aware of your surroundings, because you do not know if he’s alone, if he has a weapon, or if someone is going to come at you from behind. You have to expect the unexpected and be entirely aware of everything surrounding you, not just the guy you’re fighting. You need to look at his body language, see if he is looking around, or if there is an improvised weapon you can use to defend yourself against him. Not being aware is a very common mistake that many people do, and it can get you killed very quickly. So, be aware of everything.

The second common mistake in a street fight is underestimating your opponent. Your opponent can look like a typical guy, he can be scrawny, little, weak, but that does not mean he cannot hurt you. You should not judge only on appearances, because you do not know the mindset of your attacker, you do not know his history, what type of person he is, if he has a weapon on him to hurt you with, or if he is with friends. You should always look at all your opponents equally, you should believe they are dangerous, no matter how big or small they are. Underestimating your opponent will get you in serious trouble in a street fight. Don’t do that mistake.

The third common mistake in a street fight is assuming. Do not assume your opponent is alone, that he does not have a weapon, that this is a fair fight. Because it most likely is not. Assuming is a very dangerous mistake to make, because in a street fight you only have seconds to react before it’s over.
If you over think the situation, and assume how you will strike your attacker, or how he will strike you, you will most likely get badly injured or even worse killed.

You should not assume, you should react. You should be present and aware during a street fight, not assuming his or your moves. Just be prepared to react to whatever happens in that particular moment. You must react offensively or defensively, whatever you do, do not assume or over think the situation because that will get you killed. The key is to be present at that moment, fights are about seconds, it’s about how fast you can intercept or go pre-emptive.
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